Lezioni di scrittura professionale: teoria, esempi, esercizi

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ISBN: 978-88-95706-49-8

AUTORE: Antonella Pedacchioni  
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Professional Writing Lessons is a tool dedicated to anyone who wants to avoid
embarrassing mistakes and learning to compose clear and effective texts on paper and on the web, without
bore readers; can provide teachers with ideas, examples and exercises for non-writing lessons

This manual illustrates all stages of written composition, from design to
revision, offering author examples for each text type and various activities on the lexicon
cultured and less frequently used, in the belief that the poverty of language coincides with the
poverty of ideas and opinions.

The numerous exercises in morphology and syntax allow the reader to deal with errors
more frequent, enhance knowledge and refine style; all the theoretical explanations, clear
and complete, are accompanied by practical tests and accompanied by numerous examples that show
the rules in context.

Writing well does not only mean avoiding mistakes or correcting them, it presupposes ability
to understand the text in all its nuances; for this the present volume also offers
a section dedicated to inferential processes and reveals the rudiments of the language of
persuasion, useful in the composition of short essays and, in particular, of argumentative texts.


Antonella Pedacchioni, teacher of Italian since 2001 and of Italian L2 since 2007, has
previously collaborated with UNIS in New York and currently teaches Scripture
professional at the SSML "Carlo Bo" in Rome in the degree course of "Sciences of
linguistic mediation". He has published the grammar of the Italian language for English speakers
ItaliaMo! A new Textbook for Italian as a Second Language and carries out translation activities
within the English language.

ISBN: 978-88-95706-49-8

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