Elementi di elettronica digitale

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ISBN: 978-88-95706-39-9

Autore: Giovanni Fedecostante
Pagine: X + 246



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This text is dedicated to the academic and wants to be a support to students from various faculties who have, within their course of study, the topic of digital electronics. For this reason it was decided to address the various issues, and demonstrate the various pronouncements by means of the extensive use of practical examples and exercises solved - which is also dedicated an entire Appendix - rather than using formalism or lexicons logical / mathematical. In the various chapters are illustrated some of the most common methods and algorithms that can be used for the synthesis and verification of digital circuits, both combinational and sequential, but, in order to provide an overview as complete as possible on the theme of digital electronics, it is not It fails to address issues closely related to it, as   

 - VHDL    
 - types of digital integrated circuits   
 - Design for testability (D.F.T.)    

NEW for the second edition: the contents, adding some basic structures in Chapter 7, always keeping in mind the purposes of this volume, namely educational and scientific not have been expanded.  

Giovanni Fedecostante degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Ancona, since 1980 has been involved in the design and testing of custom integrated circuits and semi-custom prior to the SGS-Ates then all'Iselqui- Electronic Institute for Industrial Quality. In 1986 he participated in the start-up and development of the ST SGS-THOMSON Design Center of Ancona, where he contributed as project leader for the development of the first microprocessor Italian (ST9), by designing devices and custom versions for the consumer market. Since 1998 he has worked as a freelancer, consulting in the field of embedded systems design, CPLD / FPGA programmable devices as well as wireless sensor networks, home automation, RFID and project management. Since 1995 he has held seminars and has been a lecturer for numerous University, taking courses in VLSI Design, Elements of Digital Electronics, and Acquisition, Processing and Data Transmission Networks.

ISBN: 978-88-95706-39-9

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