Fondamenti di Ingegneria delle Infrastrutture Viarie

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ISBN: 978-88-95706-36-8

Autore: Alessandro Ranzo
Pagine: IX+380



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This text, addressed to university education first level of civil engineering studies and also to non-specialists professionals, collected in twelve chapters a set of topics that make up the knowledge base of a very broad discipline, including essentially all types d ' transport infrastructure. They are presented and developed in the form introductory, the main design aspects of the major road infrastructures: roads, railways and airports. The road infrastructures, now of great relevance not only in Italy, have a common denominator: the axial and transverse geometry with regard to traffic safety; that these aspects are dealt with in the text and which constitute the design and construction base, absolutely necessary in order to then move on to the subsequent phases deepening environmental, structural, and economic plant.


Alessandro Ranzo, born in Rome in 1936, is an engineer and professor in the disciplinary grouping ICAR04 (Roads, Railways and Airports) and teacher of road infrastructure and integrated multidisciplinary project Laboratory of Civil Engineering at the Sapienza University of Rome. He has held since 1964, various scientific research activities as well as a designer for many great works of road engineering - with many publications - both in Italy and abroad. In this period (2007) is a member by right of the Superior Council of Public Works.

ISBN: 978-88-95706-36-8

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